Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Introduction to new donation system

Hallo to all friends an NSAW members.
As an international coordinator (Tomas Ouhel) I would like to transparently present here on our web site the new system of using donation from our local and overseas supporters. This is an official position of NSAW agreed by R.Sembiring (Chairman) , Tomas Ouhel(International coordinator) consulted by our UK adviser on the 29th of dec. 2009 in our office in Medan.
Because in past times we were using all amount directly to our projects in Medan Zoo without any financial support from Zoo management, our projects were not enough effective and we didn't have any founds left on our account to use directly if there were urgent need to help. So due to that we created new system I would like to present now.:

Art.1 Every donation will be cut off 20% and this sum will stays on NSAW account.
Art.2 Every project in Medan ZOO where NSAW will take part in, will be founded from two sides. NSAW 50% and Medan Zoo management 50%
Art.3 All NSAW account balance and money transfers will be displayed on our web site and also shown on every private or official request

We hope this new system will make our help to animals more effective, will make NSAW a valid partner to Medan Zoo management, and also will make NSAW able to do a quick action in case of urgent need as we will have some founds on our account available.

Example of using our new system in Medan Zoo

Project cost is 1.000.000INR

Medan ZOO share is 500.000INR

NSAW share is 500.000INR

NSAW donation was 600.000INR

Positive balance increased by 100.000INR

If there is any question please don't hesitate and contact us by email or directly call to NSAW (chairman) Rudianto Sembiring on his HP.

All the best for new year-salamat tahun baru from NSAW members and animals in Medan ZOO

Tomas Ouhel
(international coordinator)

wish a lot of fun of leopards baby and all member nsaw in 2010

hello ..we are all of nsaw team ..leopards baby and all animal wish you happy new year 2010..and good bye for great moment 2009 and wellcome to hopely best year for NSAW and animals 2010.

..merry christmast and happy newyear.
best wish..:
chairman nsaw and all of members

new member in nsaw team alredy join on 31 december 2009

hello on this 31 secember 2009 me as chaiman (rudianto.s) already accept 2 member nsaw .
1 is male with name Mr. Muhammad sultan and female with name mrs. Vina.
so nsaw now beside chaiman and adviser already have 5 member they are:
1. Bc.Thomas ouhel as international project coodinator
2. Abner Tarigan St.MM as Secretary
3. Mettaulina as account staff
4. Muhammad sultan as animal project devision
5. Vinna as administration staf and public relation.

so ..let's for the all member that i already said above keep on always help animal welfare case as we could the best .... God bless us.

and in this blog i put 2 of a new member that when we make action for promote our ngo in medan zoo 27 december 2009.

best regards
chairman nsaw

Chairman NSAW give animal education to children from now on to love and care wild life animals

hello .. as public relation in medan zoo and also chaiman nsaw ..from now on i try give good information to children/student young who already visited medan zoo even with simple implement but we trust this action will usefull for our young generation. nsaw also invite you if interesting to our ngo as volunttere help animal case and give education animal to our young generation or common society .

best regards
chairman nsaw and all members

nsaw team special thank's to Mr Ondre..for his donation

Here as chairman and also all of member nsaw says special thank's again to Mr ondre from chech republic who still take care to Gaby Gibora Miwa Maggie(siamang baby) in medan zoo that until now NSAW team coorporate with medan zoo management try as the best even the situation cage still have to place the gaby to better cage in medan zoo.and i am as chaiman and also not Forget to general manager of Sarawak travel agency(Mr Thomas ouhel) really appreciate you ever Sarawak also performed a service when chairman nsaw follow arranged/guided you in north sumatra(medan)beside tom also as member NSAW.and later i will discuss this to our member and zoo management how is the way to help gaby..survive and get better life in cage in accordance with 5 freedom of concept animal welfare.
once again sir me as a chairman NSAW and all of members and of course Gabby gibora miwa maggie say thank's a lot to u that you already donated again 500,000 for take care gaby in medan zoo.And for our ngo's new rules for every donation we have to cut 20% from total donation that the donor give to nsaw so 500,000 rupiah will be 400,000 that we use for animal project helping.
becase nsaw already have long proggres/goals for the development futere of our ngo.we trust to our donor/you(Mr ondre)about this information cause we are still small ngo.later if we already have strong account we will create from that we cut 20% from donor to make some profit to nsaw account...

God bless us...
best regards
chairman NSAW and all of members

nsaw team special Thank's to Miss Petra Simajclov from czech republic

hello here as chairman and also all of members nsaw team said thank's to miss petra four your donated 2400000 rupiah for project repairing leopards baby in medan zoo.
om our deep hearts and also leopards baby even they could not talk but will say thank's to you.
we really appreciate your ..we will start this project in next january 2010.And for our ngo's new rules for every donation we have to cut 20% from total donation that the donor give to nsaw so 2,400,000 rupiah will be 2,000,000 that we use for animal project 4,00,000 will leve in our ngo account.
becase nsaw already hape long proggres/goals for the development futere of our ngo.we trust to our donor/you(Miss petra)that known about this information cause we are still small ngo.later if we already have strong accoung we will create from that we cut 20% from donor to make some profit to nsaw account

now the leopards baby still care in our ngo's member(Mr Sultan haouse)because situation of cage in medan zoo a litlle broken.this babys age arround 3 weeks.the leopards baby are gave by forest police that took from society who cacth it from illegal maintained.and after our ngo's member try to care this baby could survive and later give it back again to medan zoo .so here we will try as we could care this baby ...and let's pray together for wild life animal welfare..
later if we start and finish to repairing cage of leopard in medan zoo all of the project makong some enrichment and repairing will we report to you.

and for our apprciation to miss Petra one of leopard female baby we give name Petra(hope you don't mind miss),leopard baby are 3 ,2 male and 1 female.

God Bless us
best regards from chairman NSAW and all members

action NSAW find source for funding in NSAW account

hello here i just try to help condition of our ngo acount that if sometimes needed for our operational help animal welfare case.
on 22 december 2009 our member from czech and also as international project coodinator of nsawcame to medan just celebrate christmast day with chaiman nsaw.
beside celebrate christmast day he also try help nsaw..
and on 25 december and 27 december we make action in medan zoo open photo shop for visitors in medan zoo.and 10 % from this profit we save to nsaw bank account..

special thank's we said to our member....
Tom ..i proud to you...even small action but this great moment christmast

best regards
rudianto .s
chairman nsaw

action NSAW make some enrichment in medan zoo

hello even now chairman nsaw as public relation in medan zoo but stil eksist in animal welfare..
and on 24 december until 27 december 2009 we finished make some enrichment in primate cages .
the feeding place that we make just from cheap materials and even cheap we trust that this is could be useful for primates..

thak's ..and let's keep on help animal case condition arround the world.
best regards
chairman nsaw and all members

Monday, December 7, 2009

NSAW team say thank's to my friend zoo keeper and also Mr Sultan

hello.. as chairman NSAW and also public relation in medan zoo i specially thank's to Mr sultan for his donated hook/stick for caught the snake in medan zoo..thank's so much man..i really apreciate your effort.
and also for my friend's zoo keeper in medan zoo that already could accept our suggestion to make enrichment in animals cage in medan zoo we say thank's too for your corporation..
hopely our animals in medan zoo will getting better .

best regards
nsaw team..

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

NSAW team say thanks so much to Mr Sultan (a Reptil Researcher)

on 28 november last saturday i met with one man his name Sultan ,he is interesting in reptil research.and when we met i get much eexperience in reptile information.
he came to medan zoo with his wife(mrs Fina).both of them are friendly..
on last saturday he suggestion to zoo vet and manager medan zoo to injection the king Cobra snake in medan zoo and the vet do it,cause he saw the snake look like get sick..and on monday until now the cobra snake feel better.
so from this blog nsaw team and medan zoo management said thank's so much to Mr sultan ..his dedication in help animal wild life ...
we hope ...the next sultan will come to medan zoo ...

best regards
nsaw chairman and team