Monday, July 11, 2011

NSAW making Enrichment for sumatra laughingthrust in zoo

After NSAW donated sumatra laughingthrust(garrulax bicolor)which get it from bird marketin Medan Zoo on 5 july 2011 making some enrichment at this bird cage with put some wood and plant flowers.Hope this bird will better condition after we get it in injured in bird market last time.Also we would like for observation and watching sumatra laughingthrust in captivity.Here also we make taxonomy sign in piece of paper as education animal for visitor,hope could be beneficial for visitors in zoo.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

NSAW Observational for sumatra Laughinthrust in captivity

Observational trials for sumatra Laughinthrust(garrulax bicolor)in captivity, while we took this sumatra Laughinthrust(garrulax bicolor) birds from bird markets where the birds is injured.We didn't pay to the seller just give an conpensation fund so that they would give it for us in other way we could put it better in captivity than in small cage in bird market also we would like for observation/watching the sumatra Laughinthrust in captivity.
Source of fund for gave conpensation to the bird seller we get from our activity in selling photoshop in Medan zoo every sunday.