Saturday, April 12, 2008

source of funding from arranged tourist to make enrichment

on 14 january 2008 i arranged czech repoblic tourist in medan and then some of money that i get from them i use to make enrichment in medan zoo. i bought 15 use moto wheel (one use moto wheel is 3000 rupiah/1/4 us dollar). cause all pictures in this website is took by tourist in medan zoo cause we still have no digital camera .on 19 january when i make this enrichment in siamang cage there were 3 tourist from malaysia and they took this photo when i make it.and he send the photo by email,his name mr mazman.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

welcome to NSAW/history of NSAW

Hello and thank you for visiting our new blogspot! I decided to create a independent organization here in North Sumatra to address the needs of animal welfare through out the region. I currently am a Zookeeper here in Medan at one of the local Government facilities. There are a multitude of needs as evidenced by the photo's that I will be posting to this blog. The concept behind our organization is to provide assistance to both the public and private sector by identifying critical needs such as proper shelter, nutrition and medical care for all of the creatures in our Zoo's. Please watch this blog for updates, i.e., photo's, interview's and information about where to send your donations to help our cause. Any and all donations will be fully accounted for and a detailed report and photo's will let you know exactly where your donations have gone. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

history nsaw:
on november 2006 Mr robert cambel from usa as a tourist visited medan zoo met with me(rudianto sembiring as a zoo keeper)and he sugested to make a non profit ngo's called nsaw(north sumatra animal welfare) for collect people who care and help condition and situation animals in medan zoo.
and on january 2007 nsaw was set up a registered legal charity in medan north sumatra.
we hope that people wanna and intresting to help animals in medan zoo,even this is so dificcult that zoo is organize by goverment .but me and mr robert need you know that animals in cage didn't know birocration,politic or people think of them.they just need love and care from us.
so this we need help not only focus in funding but also sharing,animals education adding,volunteering in medan zoo ,and so on that needed for animal welfare in zoo.

pic 1 is MR Robert cambell
pic 2 is MR Rudianto. sembiring

Saturday, April 5, 2008

need donor for repaire or make a new cage for siamangs/apes

My name is Rudianto Sembiring. I write to seek your urgent help to improve the condition and the animal welfare problems in North Sumatra. This letter is written in English with the help of a supporter as my own English is not adequate.

I am working as an animal keeper (primate & ape division) at Medan Zoo in North Sumatra. I love my job caring the animals. The primates and apes which I look after are Orangutans, gibbons, siamangs and macaques. Although I am not trained, I feel strongly about looking after the animals and would like to improve their condition, which I believe is far from acceptable.

I have no personal means or the resources to help the animals as I am paid equivalent to US Dollars 80 per month. The zoo is run on a minimum resource depriving the animals the welfare they so deserve. Bureaucracy, lack of awareness and poverty is the reasons why these animals suffer. There is no capital investment or political will to improve the situation. The animals cannot wait until the management does something and in the mean time the animals continue to suffer in their cages.

I would like to tap your heart and conscience. Perhaps there is something you can do to help. To help the animals, I also set up a very small stall in front of the zoo, selling some soft drinks and nuts to visitors. Very often I use personal money to buy food for the primates and apes.

I have set up a registered legal charity called North Sumatra Animal Welfare in Medan with the help of sympathetic supporters, with the hope that any donation received will be use to help the animals

The animals badly need nutritious food, enrichment materials, medical treatment and better caging condition. Some of the cages are in bad repair without safety doors. I very much hope that one day the authority would do something to improve the welfare of the wildlife in Medan zoo, until such time we cannot allow the animal suffering to continue. Please give however small. These animals deserve better life.

I can be contacted by email at: or by cell phone at 0062-8153-3260-974. To donate, payment detail can be viewed at the above website.

Yours sincerly,

Rudianto sembiring

chairman NSAW/medan zoo primate keeper