Monday, February 7, 2011

Black and White Laughing thrush bird(Garrulax bicolor/leocophotus) watching

After NSAW make presentation to lecture and student of north sumatra on 23 january until 05 February 2011 NSAW representative by Tomas Ouhel and 2 czech researcher(Marek couba and yoseep Bolon) and 1 ornithologist/external staff Liberec Zoo(Pavel Hospodarstky)and also 2 student of north sumatra university(Juhardi sembiring and Gilang ramadhan)Start watching for Black and White Laughing thrush bird(Garrulax bicolor/leocophotus) in Karonese land(Sinabung and sibayak Vulcano)and Leuser area.In this field Team also use some equepment like Telemetry,GPS,and others.

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NSAW and USU(north sumatra university)in cooperation for bird watching

For NSAW Project in Black and White Laughing thrush bird(Garrulax bicolor/leocophotus)we also make cooperation with USU(University of north sumatra)and on 22 january 2011 we started in University of north sumatra make opening cooperation between NSAW and USU and at this moment also we make presentation for Black and White Laughing thrush bird project to lecture and student of forestry north sumatra university.
As a speaker are Rudianto.S(chairman NSAW)Tomas ouhel(NSAW international project coordinator),Marek coub (Czech researcher),Yousef Bolon(czech researcher)and lecture of north sumatra(Mr Dwi Suryanto and Mrs Nur Sahara).
Hope this cooperation will done well for the next chance.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

NSAW Volunteer program activity

Welcome in our blog news that on 24 january until 05 february 2011 we bring in 2 female czech volunteer in our ngo's(NSAW)and we arranged them for helping some of keeper in medan zoo like clean rubbish arround the animal cage,feeding deers,washing elephant,tigers cage and also gave free teaching english in private school in Medan.
Hope this Program could be beneficial for animals and social humanity.
And at the last we said so many thank's to 2 volunteer (Anna and Nicola)and all people who involved help this program that we could not said one by one.

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Nsaw Team