Sunday, March 28, 2010

nsaw action give education about animal watch to student in medan zoo

as a chairman of nsaw i am also as public relation in medan zoo.
so on saturday 27 march 2010 we give education game animal to senior hight school Methodist in medan zoo.
we try to give explanation to watch animal that free life in medan zoo garden specially small animal/insect..
i and cooporate with the techer try to explain however the small animal/insect make activity in free natural life...
hope this progran could be usefull to student and others..and also could be follow up by next student who interesting come to visit medan zoo.

nsaw and zoo management

nsaw team action searched of phyton snake which expected prey on human

hello we are team nsaw on 26 march 2010 in Tembung(out of medan) that expected there was a phyton snake prey on a son(about 11 years old)and this son died..about one weeks ago..
and before we started to searched the snake we first get permitted to the head of forest conservation of fauna and nature source)and also the head of Tembung kampoeng.
the location is near fertilizer factory and river of tembung.
we started at 11 o clock in morning and finished at 15.25 afternoon..
even we didn't find the snake...but we already try as we could to help people there..
one snake already found on 23 march 2010 but the people there said that this snake expected not prey on the son.
in this blog..i said to all member of nsaw that joint on last friday even we couldn't find it you already have done great job...guys..
special to Sultan,vina,Theresia,Faujan,dede and Yudi..all of you are great team..
also thank's to local child who guided us in location ...

thank's and keep on spirit...

chairman/founder NSAW

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Action nsaw team as volunteer in medan zoo check condition of king cobra eye’s and clean phyton in medan zoo 23 and 24 march 2010.

NSAW is still small Ngo but we always try to concern in help animal specially helping in animal welfare…

So on 23 and 24 march we make action to help some reptile animal in medan zoo(king cobra and 8 phython snake)..

First we make action with our friend from media clubbers to check condition eye’s of king cobra..that zoo management talked us that cobra looks like get trouble in eyes…after that nsaw member…me,sultan ,vina and friend’s from media clubber directly help to check condition of king cobra eye’s..after we check..the eye’s we just found some lice close the eye’s and we sucsess cleaned it…

After we finished checked and cleaned it we make memory pictures as some documentation…with the zoo keeper and ofcourse with the beautiful cobra snake…

This snake maybe the biggest and the longest king cobra snake in all of Indonesia zoo that they have…

Also on 24 march we also make action as volunterre to clean of 8 phytong that medan zoo have…

We cleaned it with betel leaves that werw boiled as well available to cleaned some lice in snake skin

And after that we also make memory photo to the nice snake…

In this blog as a chairman/founder NSAW in deep of my heart I said specially thank’s to all of nsaw sultan..u are great member vina…and all of friend in media clubbers comunnyty ,,Tere,yudi and faujan..all of you still young..but..i am proud to you…bro…

Thank’s for all..and keep on spirit in help animal…


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

tamba(orang utan male) action in new enrichment in his cage......

hi ..all..

here.. we posting some pictures from tamba when he used the enrichment that made by NSAW team ..and source funding from the nsaw's donor...
hope...tamba it...

best regards/cheers..
Rudianto.s and nsaw team.

NSAW Team and Tamba(Orang utan male who live in medan zoo)Say Thanks so much to all Donor

After we finished make enrichment in orang utan cage in medan zoo here we say Thank’s so much to all donor that have to help us in supported funding .

They are:

1.Mrs Michele diselet from orang utan land trust Donated 200.000(not cut cause donated in December 2009/old rules of NSAW).

2.Mr Panut from OIC(orang utan information centre) donated 400.000 (not cut cause donated in 2009/old rules of NSAW)

3.Mr Stos Ondre from Czech Republic(ex Sarawak Travel Agency guest)donated 500.000(cut 20% became 400.000 donated in 2010/new rules of NSAW)

4.Mrs Sharon and Mr Paul from Uk (united kingdom) donated 300.000(cut 20% became 240.000 donated in 2010/new rules of NSAW).

We are verry happy that Tamba(orang utan male in medan zoo)could be enjoy the enrichment that we already make it.We proud and many appreciation to all of the donor.

Notes:In 2009 nsaw still not cut from donation and 2010 we make meeting all of member Nsaw and make decision to cut 20% from donation if there are some donor to nsaw that funding use for animal welfare/nsaw emergency needed.

We special thank’s also To people that many give suggestion and support to make the enrichment of orang utan.

They are:

All of member NSAW(Thomas Ouhel,Abner Tarigan,Metta ulina,Muhammad sultan and Vina)also special thanks to adviser NSAW Mrs Diana Wright…… even we small but we try do the best to help animal friend’s ,to Mr Rosek Nursaid(founder Profauna Indonesia) that he is my inspiration in NSAW ngo’s,Mrs Luki K .Wardhani(Srikandi Animal welfare)for every time ready for sharing,Mr Nazirwan Lubis (Director of PD.Pembangunan Medan),Mr Zainul Akbar Nasution(the head of Medan zoo and all of his staff),Mr Ian singleton..thank’s man for your input and borrow your electric bore,Mrs Yeni(SOCP vet)for sharing about orang utan healthy,Mr Anhar Lubis and Mr Wahyu for your advised in animal welfare input,Mrs Hanna trayford for your input in enrichment knowledge,to all of member MCC(medan cheerleaders community)that ever make social work(volunteer) to clean orang utan cage in medan zoo).

And all people that may be could not I said one by one …

Thank’s for all of you….



Founder/chairman NSAW

Aid fund details for enrichment the orang-utan in Medan zoo

fund's details for enrichment of orang-utan:
1.The worker's pay (2 people) that was done with the system buy up: IDR 260,000
2 cement 2 sacks (1 sack rp 43,000) IDR 86,000
3 bolts 14 ml long 30 cm 10 (@ rp 4500) IDR 45,000
4 bolts 12 ml long 20 cm 3 (@ rp 3000) IDR 9,000
51/2 sands pick up car IDR 40,000
61/2 stones coral pick up car IDR 60,000
7.cables of measurement electricity 15 m. IDR 30,000
8. rent for wood machine cutter IDR 40,000
9.nails 5 inch 1 kg (1 kg rp 12,000) IDR 12,000
10 wood drill bits 1. IDR 22,000
11 paints of chocolate of colour wood 1 tin IDR 34,000
12 rubber ropes 30 m. (1 m. rp 1,800) IDR 54.000
13brushed 1 IDR 6,000
14woods broti second-hand 2 (@ rp 15,000) IDR 30,000
15 second-hand planks 6 slivers (@35.000) IDR 210,000
16contents of Sarawak oil car/nsaw car IDR 50,000
17Tinner 1 bottle IDR 5,000
18wires 1 roll IDR 12,000
19Buy (snack/bread) for the trade person When working IDR 20,000

Totally ............................................................................................................ IDR 1,025,000

Bought leopards food 10 tins @ tin rp 13,500 ......................................... IDR 135.000

Notes: in nsaw office fund from donor are 2,530,000 rupiah.
and already spend fund 1,025,000 for making enrichment orang utan plus bought leopard food 135,000 rupiah became 1,160,000 rupiah..
and now stay in nsaw fund from donor are 1,370,000 +240,000 (from sharon and paul)is 1,610,000.

this is our repport to all of you..
compiled by Miss Metta ulina(nsaw staff account)

was known by:
chairman/founder NSAW

Monday, March 8, 2010

thanks so much to Mrs Sharen and Mr Paul from UK that donated some fund to NSAW

we inform that when Mrs Sharon and Mr paul visited in medan zoo on friday 05 march 2010 they met with me and donated NSAW 300,000 rupiah .
so we cut 20% that 60.000 rupiah we save in NSAW Banj account for emergency needed in animal welfare.
so 240,000 rupiah that they donated already we use to buy some food for leobard baby that we still care in NSAW office .later/maybe in this close time the leopard baby will we send it back to medan zoo after our project help make enricment in orang utan cage in medan zoo.

So in this blog all of NSAW team ,orang utan in medan zoo and leopards baby said many thanks to you Mrs Sharon and Mr Paul.your dedication in help animal welfare condition really great.We really Proud and much appreciate your us.later the clearly spend your donation we will report directly to your email..after we finish make the orang utan enrichment.

God Bless us
Founder/Chairman NSAW

make the foundation of orang utan

hello...for all donor and supporter NSAW when we started make enrichment in orang utan cage on friday 05 march 2010 and make foundation of wood finish on we wait for 3 days after the cement dry in the hole of wood we will continue make the floor at that enrichment and we start make it on thursday.
so all of the funding that we has been spent for the material will we put later in this blog after the enrichment finish.and we will report it to all donor that already help donated this project to their email.

Thank's and best regards
Founder/chairman NSAW

orang utan cage pictures before making enrichment we just inform that the pictures of orang utan in medan zoo before we start make enrichment in medan zoo.the orang utan now stay in safety small that the worker could work free in the cage.

thank's and best regards from me
founder/chairman NSAW

Sunday, March 7, 2010

thank's for donation of Mrs Sharon and Mr paul from uk and also your visited in medan zoo

I inform to you Sharon and paul in this blog that i really happy when you visited in medan zoo and i hope we can make next coorporation to help animal welfare condition in medan zoo.
about your donation i inform to you that our ngo still small but we exist in help animal welfare case..
so because our new rules that every donation we cut 20% to emergency needed in our ngo .so your donation 300,000 rupiah we cut 20% became 240,000 rupiah that we used to add make the enrichment of orang utan in medan zoo and also to buy some food for leopard baby that we still care in my house/nsaw office ,maybe in the half of this month the leopard we will send back to medan zoo.our project already started on 06 march 2010 so if this enrichment finish i will report to you by email...
in this blog i put our pictures when you came to medan zoo.

best regards
founder/chairman NSAW(north sumatra animal welfare)