Thursday, April 29, 2010

action Nsaw team help care phyton in medan zoo

hello in this blog we inform to you that on 24 april 2010 we make action again to help zoo keeper bathed phyton and when we make action also we explain to visitor(some of them are student)that we have to treated animal like our family,animals is our friend if we not disturb their life/habitat.
to make this action we also invited some television jurnalist so that we could make cooporate together to inform for all society that animal needed treated well everywhere.

here we inform to nsaw donor that whe we make action we spend Idr(Rp) 100.000 for it.

thank's and cheers
NSAW Team(Rudianto,Thomas Ouhel,Diana wright,Robert cambel,Sultan,Vina,Abner and Metta)

NSAW team said thanks so much to Mr Sean Whyte

here in this blog specially thanks we said to Mr Sean Whyte that he donated/sent to our ngo's some brossure,magazines and orang utan education DVD .
this is very useful for as to campaign it to society around north sumatra and specially to visitors in medan zoo.

once again thanks so much man your dedicate in animal is realy we apreciate it much.

best regards from us
NSAW team(Rudianto,Thomas Ouhel.Mrs Diana wright,Robert Cambell,Sultan,Vina,Abner and Metta)