Sunday, September 28, 2008

NSAW already have new member from czech repoblic

hello as a chairman nsaw i already have one member from czech repoblic his name is Thomas Ouhel.
so here i hope thomas could help animal welfare case in north sumatra indonesia together with me and others people who interesting to make cooperate with NSAW(north sumatra animal welfare).
here also i inform to whom it may concern that thomas also support nsaw mission to improve the animal welfare standard based on five freedom animal welfare concept particularly at medan zoo ,amongst which are: to increase knowlegde animal husbandry and care of the captive wild animals,to collaborate and cooperate with others NGOs,the goverment department and the zoo authority to improve the animal welfare standard ,nutrition,enrichment,veterinary care,the zoo caging system.

i hope you would give your support to Thomas Ouhel also .

Chairman NSAW(north sumatra animal welfare)

NSAW team say thank's so much to Mr Thomas Ouhel from czech repoblic

hello as a primate keeper in medan zoo and also a chairman NSAW here in my deepheart i say thank's so much to my best friend Mr Thomas Ouhel from czech repoblic who gave/donated nsaw one digital camera,he came to medan on 14 october 2008.
before i always borrow camera to take pictures of fom now on nsaw already have digital camera so that every activity nsaw could used this camera.
a digital camera who donated Thomas is maked from sony company(7,2 mega pixels).
once again here i and all of primates that i care in medan zoo say thank's so much to Thomas.hopely our friendship/family always enternal.

greeting lasttime from me:
rudianto. sembiring

Thursday, September 11, 2008

adding nutrition food and make nest/box cage for quarantine animals cage

hello here i say thank's so much again to Mr stos ondre from cheska repoblic from his donor.that i already took 250,000 rupiah from nsaw bank account and alreayi i bought fruits as adding nutrition food to primate that i care in medan zoo and also to make nest/box cage for quarrantine animals in medan zoo.this quarrantine box is needed if there are animals in medan zoo sick(move from big cage to quarrantine cage for vetenary care).

here is things that i already shopped:

1. 9 kg fruits of jambu( 1 kg rp 3000) : rp 27,000
2. 10 pieces bamboo(1 pieces rp 3000) : rp 30,000
3. 1 roll of iron wire(1 roll rp 8,000) : rp 8,000
4 1/2 kg nail (1kg rp 20,000) : rp 10,000
5 7 nail wall(1 nail wall rp 1,000) : rp 7,000
6 1 sheet teen roofing(@ rp 45,000 : rp 45,000
7 3 piece wood (1 wood 3 m rp 23,000) : rp 79,000
8 transport(by becak)20,000 : rp 20,000
9 total amount............................. : rp 226,000

thank's ang greeting from me:

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

the use of donation Mr Stos ondre and friend's

hello a primate keeper in medan zoo here i already used the remnants of donation mr stos ondre last week .
the remnants 82,000 rupiah(already use 35,000 rupiah making enrichment you could check in this blog)so 82,000-35,000=47,000 rupiah.

and on 1 september 2008 i bought 10 kg oranges and 1 box also as primate keeper i adding donation for 40,000 rupiah for lack of fund 47,00 rupiah bought taht milk and oranges.

1. 10 kg oranges(1kg rp 50,000) : rp 50,000
2.1 box sgm milk : rp 38,000
3. total amount : rp 88,000

thank' so much and i hope the primates that was taken by me stay healthy.
i and all primates that i care in medan zoo not forget said thank's so much to Mr stos ondre again.

greeting last time from me: