Sunday, August 31, 2008

nsaw making enrichment for primates in medan zoo

hello one again here i said thank's so much to mr stos ondre fron checzh repoblic who has been donated nsaw for animal welfare in medan zoo .and last time nsaw took 300,000 rupiah for addng nutrition food and already given to primates in medan zoo ,and there were remnants 82,000 rupiah.and i took 35,000 rupiah for making box food and place for drink could see the pictures in this blog that primates could get food from box food and drink in place better.
and here we tell you that basicly nsaw mission is pure to help animal elfare in medan zoo ,we not interefere about goverment politic in medan zoo.even medan zoo management still organize by goverment and as we know many criticism from society/visitors ,others ngo's and local media.and also me(rudianto .s)as primate keeper already push managing medan zoo to repaire primates cage and others cage to be standards cage to all animals in medan zoo,and was still brought that from this blog i always try to find people(local and international)to help pure in animal welfare case in medan zoo.we know that all animals in medan zoo cage didn't know politic,bureaucracy or whether anythink that they just wanna life better in cage.
so from this blog i asked you to people who already donated to nsaw.nsaw is independent ngo and all of your donation pure to animal welfare case in medan zoo.

greeting last time from me:
rudianto .sembiring
medan zoo primate keeper
(chairman NSAW)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

the simang baby name given by stos ondre and friend's

hello as you see the siamang baby in this blog long time her name is dora but now already changed name .and her name now is gibby gibora miwa maggie.
so here i say many thank's to all people who are thinking of our mongkey/primates:Marianne,Sophia,Dena or yin- chen who took the name to small gibbon girl:Gibby Gibora miwa maggie:) from our Medan zoo.

thank's and greeting last time from me:
rudianto.sembiring and all primates that i care in medan zoo

Thursday, August 21, 2008

much thank's nsaw say" to Mr stos ondre and his friend's

hello ...once again here i and all of primates yhat i care i medan zoo say thank's so much to Mr stos ondre from czech repoblic for his dedicated and his donor to animals in medan zoo.he transfer his funding and friend's of him to nsaw bank account for totalling 625,957 rupiah on 13 august 2008.
and on 20 august 2008 i took 300,000 for shopped nutrition food for 2 days needed .
here is the nutrition food that i already bought on 21 august 2008 and already i gave to primates in medan zoo:

1. 10 kg orange(1 kg rp 5,000) : rp 50,000
2. 1 box sgm milk taste honey : rp 38,000
3 1 bottle baby's teat : rp 12,000
4. 1 kg tomatoes(1 kg rp 9,500) :rp 9,500
5 3 kg fruits of jambu(1 kg rp 3,000) : rp 9,000
6. 3 kg star fruits(1kg rp 3,500) : rp 10,500
7. 3 kg cucumber fruits(1 kg rp 3,000) : rp 9,000
8. 3 tight rambutan fruits(1 tight rp 5,000) : rp 15,000
9. 2 sachet honey (1 sachet rp 2,000) :rp 4,000
10. 2 kg sweat mustard(1 kg rp 4,000) : rp 8,000
11.documantation photo/include laminating paper : rp 23,000
12,transportation(by becak from central market) : rp 30,000
13. total amount....... : rp 218,000

all of this nutrition food i already gaved ahalf on 21 august 2008 and ahalf again on 22 august 2008.and 82,000 more later i use for making box food for enrichment primates in cage.

thank's so much and here in this blog who wanna follow Mr stos ondre next join/donated us.

best regards/and God bless us

bella(orang utan female)pregnant in medan zoo

hello ..from this blog i inform to you that one of female orang utan in medan zoo is pregnant and his husband name tamba,now tamba is moved to a small cage however that vetenarry say that so tamba not disturbing bella if when time bella breeding.
here you could see bella and tamba pictures in this blog.

thank's and i will wait for people to join help for bella and tamba.

greeting last time from me:

nsaw team say thank you to all people who help/support nsaw

here as a chairman nsaw(north sumatra animal welfare)and also medan zoo primate keeper wanna say thank's so much to people who help/support me in help animal welfare case in medan zoo.

here i say thank you so much to Mr chaidir Ritonga as main director PD.Pembangunan medan who organize medan zoo for support nsaw,Mr Rosek nursaid founder Profauna indonesia,Mr robert cambell(together with me founder nsaw)Mrs Diana wright from profauna uk repreentative,Mr ian singleton(for his input)Mr vincent newman and Mr cristtoper from traffic(wild animal endangeres monitoring network),to all of donor who very kind help with donated nsaw to all primate that i care i medan zoo such as : Mr Stos ondre (czech repoblic),samuel hammy(french),Mr Fuji(indonesia student),Mr Laurent (holland),Miss soffie (uk),Mr thomas and laja(czech repoblic),Mr sabastian murrier(germany) ,Drh(the vetenarry surgeon)Anhar lubis and Drh wahyu for his adviser ,my friend's zoo keeper in medan zoo and all people that possibly could be named by me one by one.

here from nsaw and also as primate keeper in medan zoo i will keep on struggled for help animal welfare case in medan zoo.and here also i need your continue support without you i cuould help/solve this case.

best regards

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

nsaw team many thank's to Mr Stos ondre as adopted parents to siamang baby

hello here once again i and all of primates that i care in medan zoo say thank's so much to Mr stos ondre from czech repoblic who be as adopted parents to siamang baby.
and last time tgis baby name dora now already changed with new name Giby gibora miwa maggie.
this name is given by Mr ondre and his friends.
and we hope this baby will be better and growup with in medan zoo i am as direct parents for giby and Mr ondre as indirect adopted parents.

thank's for your attention and let's care for animals in our planet

indonesia langguage:

hello ..disini kembali saya ucapkan banyak terima kasih buat tuan ondre yang sudah banyak membantu saya dan semua primata yang saya asuh di kebun binatang medan.
bulan lalu nama bayi siammang ini adalah dora tapi sekarang saya ganti dengan nama giby gibora miwa maggie atas permintaan tuan ondre.dimana beliau sebagai orang tua asuh juga secara tidak langsung dan saya secara langsung di kbm medan.

terima kasih atas atensi anda dan mari kita lindungin satwa2x di bumi ini.

best regards:

Sunday, August 17, 2008

nsaw team say thank you to MR shamy for second donation

here nsaw team once again say thank you somich to mr shamy who donated for second times in medan zoo for 100,000 rupiah,he visited medan zoo with his friends from french on 12 august 2008 and met with me again.
and on 15 august i shopped for nutrition food for primate that i care in medan zoo.

here is the food that i already bought:

1. 10 kg orange fruits(1 kg rp 5000 ) : rp 50,000
2. 5 tights rambutan(1 tight rp 5000) : Rp 20,000
3. 3 kg corn fruits(1 kg rp 3000) : Rp 9,000
4. 5 kg carrots(1 kg rp 4000) : rp 20,000
5. 1 roll iron tight : rp 8,000
6. 1/4 kg nail : rp 5000
7 transport (becak) : rp 10,000
8 total amount :rp 122,000

here also i added donation mr shamy 25,000 rupiah.

thanks so much shamy if my gibbon could speak ..they will say also thank's to you :)

pictures stand of barrier(fence)after i finished

hello as primate keeper in medan zoo here i already finished make stand of barier for primate cage.and i hope this action is useful for safety visitor in medan zoo and ofcourse also for primate in cage for disturbing kids visitor.

this fence/stand off barrier i make and source of this fund from my friend from czech Mr Stos ondre that i arrangged last january 2008 in medan .

here also i put pictures of Mr stos ondre in this blog(upstairs)

thank's and greeting last time from me.

Friday, August 8, 2008

photos of primate cage before make stand of barrier

hello you see in this blog are pictures of primate cages in medan zoo before i make stand of barrier that source of make this from Mr Ondrej stos(czech repoblic)that he arranged last january 2008 in medan tourist resorts.

greeting lasttime


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

nsaw team say thank you so much to Mr Ondre

hello as a primate keeper in medan zoo and also chairman NSAW i say thank's so much to mr ondre from czech repoblic who i met/arranged in medan tourist resort last january 2008 with my friend Mr thomas.possibly the primate that was taken by me if they could speak they also will say thank you so much to mr Ondre.and here also i donated 50,000 rupiah (this money i get from i sold some souvenier in medan zoo that i save the profit little every sunday).MR ondre donated 10 euro from transfer to nsaw bank account on 25 july 2008.and on sunday 4 august 2008 i took 100,000 rupiah from nsaw bank account.

here is the things and nutrition food that i already bought on 5 august 2008:

1. 1kg sweet mustard vegetables (1 kg 4,000 rupiah) : Rp 4,000
2. 2kg tomatoes (1 kg 7,000) : Rp 14,000
3. 1/2 zack semen (1 zack rp 45,000 ) : Rp 22,500
4 2 roll tight iron(1 roll rp 8,000) : Rp 16,000
5 used wood 12 stick(1 stick 5,000) : Rp 60,000
6. documantation photo/scan to cd : Rp 20,000
7. total amount......... : Rp 136,500

once again i and all of primates that i care in medan zoo say thank you so much to Mr ondre .
hopely this action follow up bye local people

best regards from me:
medan zoo primate keeper
(chairman NSAW)