Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NSAW said Thank’s so much to lecture and the student of biological nature lovers and environmental studies of North Sumatra University

(BIOPALAS) met in campus of USU(university North Sumatra)sharing in fauna and flora knowlegdes with NSAW(Tuesday 28 september 2010). In this campus NSAW just met with the division of flora BIOPALAS(Biologi Pencinta Alam dan Study lingkungan hidup/ biological nature lovers and environmental studies)and with some students of biology..cause before the lecture biology Mr.Dr. Dwi Suryanto promise to us meet with the chairman of BIOPALAS On 28 september 2010 in north sumatra university . And this time the chairman is out in field we just discuss and sharing in fauna/flora with the devision flora (Mr Kasbi Zaini)and his friends(student of biology).
Here we are so many thank’s to Mr. Dwi as a lecture of North Sumatra University and all of students of bilogy North Sumatra University that we promise eachother in any chance will make cooperate specially in fauna and flora.

Best regards

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 in animal concervation program between zoo liberec and medan zoo

On 16 august-21 august 2010 the liberez zoo external staff come to medan with nsaw international project coordinator to make cooporate in animal concervation program between Liberec zoo and Medan zoo.This program will manage by NSAW and support by zoo Liberec.
the external staff of zoo Liberec Mr Pavel Hospodarsky come to Medan zoo on 21 august 2010 but he get desease/sick about 3 days in Medan .Have meeting to head of Medan zoo,Medan zoo vet,head unit of administration Medan zoo and all of member NSAW as a mediator in this program/project on Saturday(19 august 2010).
After meeting finished Mr Pavel hospodarsky gave animal medicineLiberec zoo handbook and souvenier of Liberec zoo that donated from zoo Liberec to Medan zoo in beginning cooperation.

So..hope...this program will be done by good relation in the future...specially in animal concervation program.And before external staff of Liberez zoo come to Medan zoo first we already have meeting to the head of BKSDA(balai konservasi sumber daya alam)or in english is the Office of Environtment Resourse Conservation in Medan..

kind regards