Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's great moment met with a researcher from uk

hello ....on 27 october 2009 afternoon was great day for me that i could meet with Miss Hana and Mr Mark from UK an animal researcher .we walked arround in medan zoo to see some animals and we many changed experience about animal care and animal welfare .Discuss about how to make some enrichment for all animal which live in cages such us animal in medan zoo to Mr Mark.from this blog i hope some people not to be boring come to medan zoo even you international visitor or local visitor.let's together save and help animal in medan zoo specially and commonly for all animal everywheere in this world.

in this blog once again to Mr Mark and miss Hana,,,Thank's are great people ,For sharing animal enrichment,animal education,animal welfare and so on.
keep in touch ......

best regards