Thursday, November 24, 2011

socialization and give wild life education to junior hight school student

Today on 24th of november 2011 is a very exciting day for us where we can share as well as about experience and understanding of wildlife for the students of SMP (Junior Hight School) Djuwita Medan who already visited Medan zoo with their teacher .Our wish in sharing experiences and learning about wildlife to them could be useful since they young so that they also already in participate in loving and taking care for wild life plus they could socialization to their friend and people arround them.Hope this positive learning and sharing with them about wild life could be follows also by others school and our young generation.Thank’s kids and keep on study hard and learning in your school.


Friday, November 4, 2011

nsaw making animal signboard source of fund from guided tourist

After we/NSAW finished donated and helping repairing Gibbon cage in Medan zoo we also put the signboard in that cage as reminders that source of funding/budget helping repairing the cages is donated from some people who involved in this program..hope this action could be follows by some local and others in helping animal case in captivity.Source to make this sign board we get from guided 2 czech tourist last september(on 27 september until 02 october 2011).


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NSAW making nest/enrichment for white crested laughthingrush and oriental pied hornbill

We are happy at last finishe making nest/enrichment for oriental pied hornbill and white crested laoughthingtrust bird in Medan zoo...even this we make from simple material from the wood and hope this action could be follow up by others keeper in Medan zoo.

Nsaw Team

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Finishing report and doc Pic of gibbon into the big cage after trasfered

First We so sorry for delay report of the bugdet expenditure of repairing gibbon cage...that's the gibbon cage already finish on 28 september 2011..include we make enrichment inside .
on 29 september the gibbon already transfered from the small cage to the big cage which we repairing.for all even a little delay to finished it, we all are happy to see the gibbon now in better place/cage than before.
And here also we posting the picture when the gibbon at the small cage and pic when the gibbon we transfered into the cages which finish repairing plus pic/copy of all material expenditure of budget in repairing cage.

Here is the bugdet that we took from NSAW bank account include Suzane donation,Tomas,Eva,Diana And also Mr Rudianto.S donation:

Material cost repairing for home improvements gibbon (Hilobates sindactylus) also payment of wages of workers welders and the source of the funds is from NSAW and NSAW’s donnors:

Purchases of materials date on 02 August 2011:
100 rods of iron 8mm (@Rp 28.050)…………,…Rp 2.805.000
4 rods elbow iron (@Rp44.000)…………….…. Rp 176.000
2 door set of wheels (@Rp33.000)……….…..Rp 66.000
4 hook/hold door (@Rp10.000)……………… .Rp 40.000
50 M rubber strap (1 M Rp 1.500)………....…..Rp 75.000
Purchases of materials date on 04 August 2011 :
40 M rubber strap (1M Rp 1.500)…………..……Rp 60.000
7 M rubber strap(1M Rp 7.000)………………..Rp 7.000
1 sack of cement (@1 Rp 43.000)………….…..Rp 43.000
1kg wire (1 kg Rp 18.000)……………………… Rp 18.000
Purchases of materials date on 08 August 2011 :
20 rods of iron 8 mm(@Rp 29.000)………… ...Rp 580.000
Purchases of materials date on 26 August 2011 :
20 rods of iron 8 mm(@Rp 28.000)………… ..Rp 560.000
Purchases of materials date on 15 september 2011 :
26 rods of iron 7 mm(@Rp 25.000)……………….Rp 650.000
1 wall paint contents 5kg(@Rp 45.000)………..Rp 45.000
Purchases of materials date on 26 september 2011 :
10 rods of iron 7 mm (@Rp.25.000)………………..Rp 250.000

Wage of Welder/workers …………………………………………………………………………………………….Rp 4.500.000
Transports +snacks &drinks for workers………………………………………… ..Rp 150.000

The total overall cost is........................................................Rp 10.025.000

Here We said many thank's to all of you.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Many Thank's to Mr Robert Cambel for His donated binocular

Here We/NSAW said many thank's to Mr Robert Cambell that on 12 until 16 september 2011 he was in Medan for the short time.Robert is also one of co founder NSAW long time ago with Mr Rudianto and even he was in Medan on short time but so many memory We/NSAW get from him.And on 14 September he also donated a binocular for inventory of NSAW needed like animals observation or birds watching in forest.
So here once again thank's so much for your donation Robert hope NSAW always be survive and could beneficial for wild life and society arround us.

Kind Regards

Saturday, September 24, 2011

NSAW action documentation Photo for repairing gibbon cage

Since 04 august we helping and donate some material for repairing gibbon cage in medan zoo and also we make enrichment inside the cage .hope this program will finish at the end of september 2011.
After finish repairing all report will we send via email to our donnors.
So we said many thanks to all donnors and supporter NSAW.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Animal Education Program Of NSAW

On 25 September 2011...we give Animal education for kids home schooling in zoo..
cooperate with Campeong pintar Outbound.All of studen fun and seriour for listening about pets and wild life...and hope thiss good action follow for other kids and school.


Nsaw program donation for helping repair gibbon cage in Medan zoo

On 3 august 2011 we/Nsaw starting helping program for helping reapair for ape cage(hilobates sindactylus)in Medan zoo that’s source of the funding we collected by NSAW’s friend from Australia(Suzanne V),England(D.Wright),Czech Republic(T.Ouhel & Eva)and Indonesia(R.sembiring).
Before the cage was placed for eagle and we suggest to medan zoo management for transfered the eagles to others cage cause the apes is stay in small cage in zoo and they agree.Our pure mission just how to make the apes be better stay in bigger cage plus put some enrichment there like our hope and dreams the zoo follow the standard animal welfare in captivity.
We..are said so sorry for delay to finish the repairing others way not our will because something the whether raining (worker could not start repairing)and also the worker get permit a couple days for moslem holidays and Hope this cage will finish at the end of this month(around 26 or 27 september 2011)and as soon as possible we cooperate with the zoo management to transfer/move the apes from the small cage to the cage which we repairing in biger cage.
After finish and transfer the apes(hilobates sindactylus)will we posting again plus budget expenses in our blog/web.

Thank’s for the donors,worker ,our volunteer and all supporter
Greeting from us


Friday, August 26, 2011

briefly from NSAW activity(NSAW Volunteer Program) - school YCB

Here since 08 August 2011 until 24 august 2011 NSAW make the second program for human welfare volunteer in Medan. And one of our colega/friend from Czech Republic name's Ondre Stos be volunteer for teaching english in Yayasan Cerdas bangsa school Jl.Namorambe .Here We said many Thanks to Ondre who dedicate his short time in NSAW program and also to Yayasan Cerdas Bangsa who making good cooperation for NSAW program for human welfare.Even NSAW is small NGO's and we have not much bugdet also big sponsor from local or international and we just try for raise our funding by ourselves but we really happines that NSAW could survive and beneficial for animal welfare and human welfare.

Also special thank's to all our czech friend's who support us.

Thank's and let's take care for wild animal plus carring to humanism

Sunday, August 14, 2011

NSAW Present Workshop and short training for animal keepers

On 13 of August011 NSAW present Workshop and short training for animal keepers in Medan zoo and in this program We invited as speakers are Mr David Nejedlo(director of Liberec zoo/President of Union Czech Sloakia Zoo ),Mr Pavel Hospodarstky(ornithologist) from Taralak foundation Philiphina,MR Panut Hadisiswoyo from OIC(orang utan information centre),SOCP,COP and BKSDA . here we said special much thank's to Mr David,Pavel ,Mr Panut and all participates also medan zoo manaement and all nsaw partner which could not we said one by one.

Best Regards
NSAW team

NSAW donate and helping repair apes cage in Medan zoo

ON 03 August 2011 NSAW started helping by donated some equepment for repair apes cage in Medan Zoo and directly also help working joint with mechanic worker in Medan zoo in repairing the apes(hylobates Sindactylus)in Medan zoo.NSAW planning cooperate and coordinated with zoo management to move the apes(hilobates Sindactyls) from the small cages into big cages that NSAW donated the funding for repairing the big cages in medan zoo.
Source of funding that NSAW collected are from some donnors and they are:
1.Mrs Suzanne Vigenser(Australia)
2.Mrs Diana Wright(England)
3.Mrs Evandinova (Czech Republic)
4.Mr. Tomas Ouhel (NSAW International Project Co)
5.Mr Rudianto Sembiring( Chairman NSAW)

So Thank's so much we said to all donnors also to Mr Stos Ondre who helped as be NSAW volunteer for a few moment in helping us in making enrichment.

And all report the bugdet spending will report after the cages finish and also after all of NSAW tean will back from Philiphina in studty for learn birds breeding centre in Philiphina.

Thank's and God Bless Us

NSAW International project coordinator making nest for garulax bicolor in medan zoo

On 30 July Our International project coordinator and also as NSAW Representative in czech Republic coming to medan zoo north sumatra Indonesia joint with chairman NSAW Mr Rudianto sembiring helping making nest for Sumatran laughtingtrust(garulax bicolor)in medan zoo.hope all we have done could be beneficial to the birds in captivity.


Monday, July 11, 2011

NSAW making Enrichment for sumatra laughingthrust in zoo

After NSAW donated sumatra laughingthrust(garrulax bicolor)which get it from bird marketin Medan Zoo on 5 july 2011 making some enrichment at this bird cage with put some wood and plant flowers.Hope this bird will better condition after we get it in injured in bird market last time.Also we would like for observation and watching sumatra laughingthrust in captivity.Here also we make taxonomy sign in piece of paper as education animal for visitor,hope could be beneficial for visitors in zoo.

Best Regards

Thursday, July 7, 2011

NSAW Observational for sumatra Laughinthrust in captivity

Observational trials for sumatra Laughinthrust(garrulax bicolor)in captivity, while we took this sumatra Laughinthrust(garrulax bicolor) birds from bird markets where the birds is injured.We didn't pay to the seller just give an conpensation fund so that they would give it for us in other way we could put it better in captivity than in small cage in bird market also we would like for observation/watching the sumatra Laughinthrust in captivity.
Source of fund for gave conpensation to the bird seller we get from our activity in selling photoshop in Medan zoo every sunday.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thank' so much for Tourist from Canada who visit Medan Zoo

On 19 June 2011 3 tourist from canada visited Medan Zoo and met with us ..when they back home they donated to NSAW Idr 20.000 rupiah.
So we posting their donation here without put their name(no name/NN).And on 20 june 2011 their donation plus we add some fund from sold photoshop in medan zoo we bought 3 kg apple and pears and directly gave the fruits to Primates in medan zoo.

At last we said thank's again to tourist frrom canada for their support NSAW ACTION Taking care for wild animal.