Saturday, January 16, 2010

nsaw financial book report

dear all member and nsaw donors:

here we just report our financial book report to all of member and donors..
and nsaw still small and many input/suggestion from you and also positive correction from you.

cheers/best regards
Mr.Robert Cambell(founder)
Mrs.Diana wrught(advisor)
abner tarigan(secretary)
Metta ulina(accounting)
Mr.Thomas Ouhel(international project coordinator)
M.Sultan(animal Project coordinator devission)
Vina marlia(administration/public relation)

Friday, January 15, 2010

moment of joy during voluntarry work pictures in medan zoo

hello ..we posted some pictures of joy during voluntarry work with MCC(medan cheerleaders community),media clubbers and zoo management in medan zoo 10 january sun bear cage,crocodile cage(reptile) and pictures in from of zoo gate after finished make action with zoo management chief and staff.

Robert cambell(co.founder)
Diana Wright(Advisor)
Abner Tarigan(secretary)
Metta Ulina(accounting)
Thomas Ouhel(international Project Coordinator)
Muhammad Sultan (local Animal project coordinator)
Vinna Marlia(administration/public relation)

NSAW Volunteers action in medan zoo on 10 january 2010

On 10 January 2010,NSAW Ngo Has make effort in joint coorporation with MCC(Medan Cheerleaders community),Media clubbers and Medan zoo management to do voluntary work in medan day before,tecnical meeting has been held by Mr Sultan(animal Project coordinator devision NSAW's)to MCC and Media Clubbers on reptiles and orang utan enclosure husbandry,because of the female orang utan is still pregnant and by advised of Mr Ian singleton and Miss Hannad Trayford(orang utan expert),so cleaning the orang utan enclosure has been cancelled due the stress factor.And our action has been diverted to transport the wood logs to the sun bear enclosure.As the result,our voluntery work on 10 january 2010 is on reptile engclosure,cassowarry enclosure,and sun bear this our information on our voluntary works to be posted here.
our hopes there will be another local and international friends to join us in our next volunteers program.

last but not least,we would like to express our special thanks to Mr Ian Singleton and Miss Hanna Trayford for your effort to support and participate in our ngo's action.


NSAW Team:

Robert cambell(co.founder)
Diana Wright(advisor)
Abner Tarigan(secretary)
Metta Ulina(accounting)
Thomas Ouhel(international project coordinator)
Muhammad Sultan(local animal Project Coordinator devision)
Vinna Marlia(administration & Public relation)