Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Many Thank's To Stos Ondre(Cz),Iqbal Tawakal(Id) and Ben Hayes(Uk) for their Donation

Here we will posting our(NSAW)donation to Medan Zoo for making animal sign board that this funding source from the donors,they are Mr Stos Ondre(czech republic)Iqbal Tawakal(Indonesia)Ben Hayes(United Kingdom).Almost already longtime we saw in Zoo no signboard so we care for it however as we know Zoo is as education place for student and society so we are happy that some visitors after they visited Zoo get some addtional knowledge about animal education from read and write information in the animal signboard.
Overall total cost to make this signboard is 2.800.000 rupiah.that 400.000 Rupiah donated by Mr Stos Ondre,500.000 rupiah from Mr Iqbal Tawakal and 1.900.000 rupiah we get from our cooperation with Mr Ben Hayes representative of University Hamburg Germany that they make project in research and survey population of merbau wood in java and sumatra forest with our chairman Mr Rudianto.Sembiring.

Hope Our small action in helping animal could be beneficial for society and animals.

Cheers and all the best

Saturday, April 16, 2011

NSAW Cooperate with University Hamburg Germany In research for forest wood

Beside NSAW care with Fauna ,we also care to Flora.And in flora we make cooperation with University of Hamburg Jermany which managed by Mr Ben Hayes from Uk as project leader in collecting and surveyor in asia cooperated project with NSAW in research
for merbau wood,this project start on 22 february 2011 and predict finish on April. Later a little funding from this project will we donate for helping medan zoo making animal signboard and hope the visitor and society could get education from visit the zoo.And so many knowledge and experience in this time we get hope this moment could be beneficial for us and our environment.

Cheers and let's save our forest