Friday, August 26, 2011

briefly from NSAW activity(NSAW Volunteer Program) - school YCB

Here since 08 August 2011 until 24 august 2011 NSAW make the second program for human welfare volunteer in Medan. And one of our colega/friend from Czech Republic name's Ondre Stos be volunteer for teaching english in Yayasan Cerdas bangsa school Jl.Namorambe .Here We said many Thanks to Ondre who dedicate his short time in NSAW program and also to Yayasan Cerdas Bangsa who making good cooperation for NSAW program for human welfare.Even NSAW is small NGO's and we have not much bugdet also big sponsor from local or international and we just try for raise our funding by ourselves but we really happines that NSAW could survive and beneficial for animal welfare and human welfare.

Also special thank's to all our czech friend's who support us.

Thank's and let's take care for wild animal plus carring to humanism

Sunday, August 14, 2011

NSAW Present Workshop and short training for animal keepers

On 13 of August011 NSAW present Workshop and short training for animal keepers in Medan zoo and in this program We invited as speakers are Mr David Nejedlo(director of Liberec zoo/President of Union Czech Sloakia Zoo ),Mr Pavel Hospodarstky(ornithologist) from Taralak foundation Philiphina,MR Panut Hadisiswoyo from OIC(orang utan information centre),SOCP,COP and BKSDA . here we said special much thank's to Mr David,Pavel ,Mr Panut and all participates also medan zoo manaement and all nsaw partner which could not we said one by one.

Best Regards
NSAW team

NSAW donate and helping repair apes cage in Medan zoo

ON 03 August 2011 NSAW started helping by donated some equepment for repair apes cage in Medan Zoo and directly also help working joint with mechanic worker in Medan zoo in repairing the apes(hylobates Sindactylus)in Medan zoo.NSAW planning cooperate and coordinated with zoo management to move the apes(hilobates Sindactyls) from the small cages into big cages that NSAW donated the funding for repairing the big cages in medan zoo.
Source of funding that NSAW collected are from some donnors and they are:
1.Mrs Suzanne Vigenser(Australia)
2.Mrs Diana Wright(England)
3.Mrs Evandinova (Czech Republic)
4.Mr. Tomas Ouhel (NSAW International Project Co)
5.Mr Rudianto Sembiring( Chairman NSAW)

So Thank's so much we said to all donnors also to Mr Stos Ondre who helped as be NSAW volunteer for a few moment in helping us in making enrichment.

And all report the bugdet spending will report after the cages finish and also after all of NSAW tean will back from Philiphina in studty for learn birds breeding centre in Philiphina.

Thank's and God Bless Us

NSAW International project coordinator making nest for garulax bicolor in medan zoo

On 30 July Our International project coordinator and also as NSAW Representative in czech Republic coming to medan zoo north sumatra Indonesia joint with chairman NSAW Mr Rudianto sembiring helping making nest for Sumatran laughtingtrust(garulax bicolor)in medan zoo.hope all we have done could be beneficial to the birds in captivity.