Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NSAW Donation for the birds in Medan zoo

On 13 December we donated 5 feeding place for the birds in Medan zoo how ever we see the birds and the junggle chicken still eat food in cement and we think's not good for their healthy and also this feeding place could be easier for the keeper to clean the feeding place.We donate 5 feeding place that source of money to buy this from NSAW action sell photoshop in medan zoo every saturday and sunday that some of profit we save and use for daily operation activitu of NSAW and help animal there.
Hope our donation could be useful for the animal in Medan Zoo


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sharing experience to primate keeper in Medan Zoo

On 28 october 2010 we(NSAW)gave/shared the Experience how is the safety way to clean rubbish and feces in the japanese monkey(macaca fuscata)in Medan zoo to the primate keeper...
And...with the sharing this chance hope our friends of primate keeper could took our experience when the chairman NSAW ever been as a Primate Keeper in Medan zoo.
So...in everiday the keeper could clean the macaca fuscata cage with natural technique..


Friday, October 1, 2010

nsaw make comperative study in Yayasan Burung Nusa Penida Bali

On 3 september until 5 september 2010 in Yayasan Burung/Birds rescue centre in Nusa Penida Bali NSAW make comperative study to add our knowledges specially in birds speciemen.Before NSAW try to make cooperate with zoo liberec czech Repoblic and Talalag Foundation from Pilipinos for making project concervation in species Birds sumatran laughingtrust(Garrulax Bicolor) in Medan.so on 3 until 5 september 2010 NSAW Chairman(Mr Rudianto)and NSAW International Project Coordinator(Mr Tomas Ouhel) go to Yayasan Burung in Nusa Penida Bali that they already sucses in make concervation(Rescue Centre) for Bali Starling(Leucopsar Rothschildi).
In this time we are so many input and get much experience from the people there who share with us in how to be succses in make birds rescue centre.
Hope in next chance we could make cooperate in concervation program to Yayasan Burung in Nusa Penida Bali

Best Regards

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

NSAW said Thank’s so much to lecture and the student of biological nature lovers and environmental studies of North Sumatra University

(BIOPALAS) met in campus of USU(university North Sumatra)sharing in fauna and flora knowlegdes with NSAW(Tuesday 28 september 2010). In this campus NSAW just met with the division of flora BIOPALAS(Biologi Pencinta Alam dan Study lingkungan hidup/ biological nature lovers and environmental studies)and with some students of biology..cause before the lecture biology Mr.Dr. Dwi Suryanto promise to us meet with the chairman of BIOPALAS On 28 september 2010 in north sumatra university . And this time the chairman is out in field work...so we just discuss and sharing in fauna/flora with the devision flora (Mr Kasbi Zaini)and his friends(student of biology).
Here we are so many thank’s to Mr. Dwi as a lecture of North Sumatra University and all of students of bilogy North Sumatra University that we promise eachother in any chance will make cooperate specially in fauna and flora.

Best regards

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

nsaw..support in animal concervation program between zoo liberec and medan zoo

On 16 august-21 august 2010 the liberez zoo external staff come to medan with nsaw international project coordinator to make cooporate in animal concervation program between Liberec zoo and Medan zoo.This program will manage by NSAW and support by zoo Liberec.
the external staff of zoo Liberec Mr Pavel Hospodarsky come to Medan zoo on 21 august 2010 but he get desease/sick about 3 days in Medan .Have meeting to head of Medan zoo,Medan zoo vet,head unit of administration Medan zoo and all of member NSAW as a mediator in this program/project on Saturday(19 august 2010).
After meeting finished Mr Pavel hospodarsky gave animal medicineLiberec zoo handbook and souvenier of Liberec zoo that donated from zoo Liberec to Medan zoo in beginning cooperation.

So..hope...this program will be done by good relation in the future...specially in animal concervation program.And before external staff of Liberez zoo come to Medan zoo first we already have meeting to the head of BKSDA(balai konservasi sumber daya alam)or in english is the Office of Environtment Resourse Conservation in Medan..

kind regards

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

NSAW and Sarawak Travel Agency present tour in Tangkahan North Sumatra Indonesia

Welcome to Tangkahan…
Tangkahan is sometimes mentioned as the HIDDEN PARADISE IN SUMATRA. It is definitely hidden and for many a paradise. It is the perfect place to get off the beaten track, but still have access to nice food and comfortable bungalows. Tangkahan is an interesting place in many ways. Interesting for what it has to offer and an interesting background. The elephants, the jungle, and the clean rivers are obvious attractions. What makes Tangkahan different is that it is a good example on how community based eco-tourism can stop illegal logging, improve livelihood, and develop a sense of pride amongst the locals. This development on the border of Leuser National Park where the bigger river Batang Serangan meets the smaller river Sungai Musam is the hidden paradise of Tangkahan.
• Join the forest rangers on their elephants when they patrol the jungle!
• Float down the clear river!
• Go jungle trekking!
• Soak yourself in hot springs!
Lembaga Pariwisata Tangkahan (LPT) is a local organization formed with the purpose to develop eco-tourism as a new form of lively hood and in this way prevent illegal logging. The idea was successful and illegal logging was effectively stopped in 2001. Indecon helped establish LPT and gave training in guiding, handicraft, etc.
The Community Response Unit (CRU) was formed by Fauna & Flora International and elephants were brought in to Tangkahan from Aceh. In some areas where humans and elephants often come in conflict over land use, elephants have been removed to a few "elephant schools". One of these is in Saree, south of Banda Aceh. In Tangkahan the elephants were given a new dual function:
1. They directly help the rangers to patrol the forest of the national park againts illegal logging
2. As an eco-tourism attraction they improve the livelihood of the local communities and in this way indirectly prevent illegal logging.
You can find an area map under TRANSPORTATION and a local map under ACCOMMODATION AND FOOD.

in this tour we arrange/guide you for 4 days 3 nights
price US$510/per person minimum 2 person
and from our sallary we will cut 20% donated to our NGO's NSAW(north sumatra animal welfare)that we use for help animal welfare case program.

Tour schedule:
Day 1.Medan
You will we pick from polonia airport and then stay in medan hotel,here you can rest after the long journey..and if you have time we will walk arround medan city to visit Medan zoo,snake farm,crocodile farm,maimoon palace,grand mosque,museum,slum people district etc.

Day 2.Medan/Tangkahan
Early departure for Tangkahan elephant lodge.this is arround 5 hours Driving.If you arrive in due time you can visit the elephant camp.overnight stay in tangkahan beach jungle lodge.include breathtaking views over the jungle.includes :(B.L.D).

Day 3.Tangkahan
Free at your own program in this facinating jungle area.You can have a very nice swim in the unspoiled jungle river,sit on small beach full of butterflies and take a shower under a jungle waterfall.You can make an appoitment with the elephant trainer to see the elephan bathing in the river and ride the elephant.Junggle trecking for a few hours also possible.overnight stay inTangkahan beach jungle lodge includes:(B.L.D).

Day 4.Tangkahan/Medan
After breakfast,leave tangkahan and drive back to medan and proceed to polonia airport.

Tour already included:
Tranportation with air condition private car(Toyota,Dahatsu,Mitsubishi ,etc), Hotel,English speaking guide,entrance and parking fees.

Additional tips,loundry and Personal Expenses is not included in the tour price.

Note: When this was written, prices where about to change any time defend of needed in field.

for more info contact us:
1.Rudianto sembiring(indonesia guide)
phone : +62-81533260974
email : nsawtim@yahoo.com
2.Thomas Ouhel(europe guide)
Phone :+420-774161417
email :schikaneder@seznam.cz
website :www.sarawak.cz

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nsaw team say Thank’s so much to Mr Ian Singleton director of concervation SOCP(Sumatra Orang Utan Concervation Program)for his donation to NSAW.

As Recomandation Mr Sean White(from Naturealert) when we make corespondence via email that NSAW still have no internet conection for working and we try to ask Mr Sean to help us and then he suggested us to contact Mr Ian to help our NGO’s in help make internet conection in NSAW Computer .
So on 13 july 2010 chairman NSAW(Mr Rudianto.S)come to Mr Ian Office(SOCP)to continue of suggestion from Mr Sean White.And Mr Ian personality Donated NSAW for 1.000.000 rupiah to prepare internet conection in NSAW Computer.NSAW is a small NGO’s and still only have 1 computer so later if all of member NSAW(Rudianto,Abner,Metta,Thomas,Sultan and Vina)could use internet conection if they come to NSAW office and in field for NSAW activity.
Here we all of NSAW Team/member said special thank’s To Mr Ian Singleton for his Donation..hope..Our Spirit will keep on big to help animal welfare condition in everywhere specially in north sumatra.
In this blog also we report that the Modem for internet conection already we bought and also the CDMA card for the internet in our computer..
Price for modem we bought 450.000 rupiah and CDMA card we bought 35.000 rupiah for the card and 100.000 rupiah for payment for internet custom every month.so total we already spend 585.000 rupiah.
Because our new rules in 2010 if there are donation from the donor that we cut 20% so 200.000 rupiah we will send to NSAW bank account for NSAW operation in activity and animal welfare needed.so from 800,000 we already use 585.000 rupiah to internet conection in nsaw computer and the remnants are 215.000 later we will use to pay monthly internet conection in the august and september and for the next payment we will make efort by ourselves.

Kind regards from Us
NSAW Team.

Chairman NSAW help deer keeper in medan zoo to feed some deer

Hello ...here on 14 july 2010 in medan zoo chairman NSAW also help deer keeper to feeding deers in Medan zoo....
hope..this action could useful for animals in medan zoo..and NSAW also thank's to the deer keeper in medan zoo who already make cooperation in brought some grass to the deers cage.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

nsaw as mediator introduction of liberez zoo and medan zoo

Hello in this blog we inform that on 26 june 2010 there were post sent to NSAW office from liberez zoo that the post sent by Mrs Petra (vet off zoo liberez).the post was the booklet/liberez zoo guidelince and dvd/cd about program in zoo liberec.
Here NSAW as mediator to give the animal husbandry from zoo liberec between Medan zoo so on 30 june 2010 morning we gave the liberez zoo guidelince/dvd,cd to the head of medan zoo.
Hope the information change that already gave by zoo liberez could be usefull to Medan Zoo,and specially the head of Medan zoo said thank’s to liberez zoo and NSAW.And also the head of Medan zoo send his regards to director of liberez zoo .
And in this blog we put the documantation photo when NSAW gave the liberez guidelince/cd/dvd of liberez program to the head of medan zoo and his vet.

Kind regards from us

Monday, June 7, 2010

Action NSAW Team as Voluntarry In help phyton in medan zoo joint with Local Donor

First we said thank’s so much to Medan zoo management who give to NSAW space as voluntarry to help clean some lice in phyton snake in medan zoo on Sunday(06 june 2010).In this action also we appreciate and thank’s so much to some of young local people who joint with us to help clean some lice in phyton snake in medan zoo.they are Iqbal,Gilang ,dana and their family ,this is amazing time for Nsaw and animals that we help cause they are realy involved directly in help the phytons.and we hope their action joint with Nsaw team could be follow up by some society around medan that we believe so many people in medan would like to help animal welfare case in medan zoo or around north Sumatra .
When iqbal,Gilang ,Dana and also their family when involved in action help phyton snake in medan zoo they were also give some nutrition food and meals to some of animal who live in medan zoo cages and we were very sorry that when they directly gave that nutrition food to the animals in medan zoo we forgot to take the documentation photo of fruits when they gave it to animals, we just took the meals that they donated to Sumatra tigers in medan zoo(we posting the meals documentation picture in this blog).
And Specially thank’s so much to Iqbal and his family when we finished make action in help phyton snake in medan zoo they also donated NSAW for 500,000 rupiah ,so later his donation we will discuss to all NSAW team how to use it for help animal welfare in NSAW next Program,and soo we will report to him when we use his donation via email when we have done it.once again we said thank’s so much to Iqbal and his family for their dedicate and their contribution in help animal welfare in medan zoo and everywhere.
Also we are not forget said special thank’s to all of veterinary university student from Unsyiah who joint with NSAW team in this action and To Mr Pujiono (medan zoo VET)who bring them in medan zoo.
At last we said thank’s to all and let’s keep on save and care to all protected animal in everywhere .

Cheers and best regards from Us(NSAW team):
Rudianto.s,Robert Cambel,Diana Wright,Abner Tarigan,Mettalina,Thomas Ouhel,M.Sultan,Vina and all of NSAW supporter

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

nsaw guided 2 tourist from czech repoblic

On 17 may 2010 NSAW team(chairman and International project coordinator)make effort to guided 2 tourist from Czech ,they are Mr Ivok and Mrs Catherine in some tourist object in north Sumatra.
We guided them in Medan(Medan zoo,snake farm,crocodile farm,Grand mosque,maimoon palace,slum people area,srimariaman temple,merdeka walk and traditional market),Bukit lawang (see orang utan in feeding place,tracking in jungle see some kind Flora and fauna and rafting)and in Brastagi/karonese highland(Climb Volcano,see traditional house,fruit/vegestable plantation and traditional market).
In this project nsaw make cooperation with Sarawak travel agency that the owner of Sarawak travel agency also as member of NSAW as international project coordinator.
And Here some of our salary from guided tourist we donated 150.000 rupiah to Nsaw bank account that needed for operate help animal welfare in our NGO’s(NSAW).
Here we special thanks to Mr Ivok and Mrs Catherine when make tour in north Sumatra with NSAW team that also many experience that we already have change in animal knowledge cause you also as vetenarry in your country.

Cheers and best regards From us
NSAW Team:Robert cambel,Rudianto s,Diana wright,Abner Tarigan,Metta,Thomas Ouhel,M.Sultan and Vinna

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Action help evacuation Japanese monkey(…..) and special Thank’s to 3 visitor of Medan zoo(gilang,dana and iqbal).

On Saturday(15 may 2010) we joint together with zoo keeper and vet zoo in medan zoo evacuated Japanese monkey from small cage into a new cage (rather big)..
We do this with happy …and hope the Japanese monkey(macaca fuscata) could enjoy their life in new cage in medan zoo.
And at unexpected time in medan zoo we(rudi,sultan and vina)met with zoo visitors who bring some nutrition food that they would like donated that food to primates in medan zoo.and also they joint with us help evacuation the Japanese monkey.they are still young but we really appreciate it much cause they have done the positive action in medan zoo hope some local people could follow their good goals.so in this blog NSAW team said thank’s so much to 3 of zoo visitor who donated some nutrition food to primates in medan zoo…you have done great action man….we proud and salute to you..
Name of the young people visitors who involved help evacuated the Japanese monkey are Iqbal,Dana and Gilang…
Also we said special thank’s to all of zoo keeper ,vet and other of medan zoo staff who help for evacuation the japanese monkey to a new cage iin medan zoo.

Cheers from NSAW team:
Rudianto.s,Mr Robert Cambel,Mrs Diana Wright ,Mr Thomas Ouhel,Abner Trg,Metta,M.Sultan and Vina

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

nsaw team action on 09 may 2010 in medan zoo

Hello when our international project coordinator in NSAW came I medan for 3 days(08 may until 10 may 2010)after make meeting and discus with all nsaw team/member to develope our ngo’s.
After that on 09 may 2010 in the 10.00 morning we start help animal in medan zoo with try to make fence/stand of barrier between animal and visitor in siamang cage,also we make enrichment in medan zoo.even the whether is very hot last time when we make this primate cage we are happy and with hard spirit to finished it.
To make this fence/stand of barrier we make it from simple material but the most importand are we make it for safety of animal from visitors disturbing and also to visitors from primate attacked.
When we make the fence/stand of barrier,enrichment in siamang cage also the head of medan zoo joint us,in this blog the head of medan zoo is the man who use brown uniform.
Here specially we said thank’s so much to the zoo management that already preaparing some things to finished this action.Also to all of Nsaw team/supporter(Thomas,Sultan,Vina and Fauzan)I said thank’s so much bro all of you have done great job to help animals..
And on 10 may 2010 morning nsaw team(rudianto,Thomas ouhel,M.Sultan and vina)come to head office in medan zoo to offer / ask for the development cooperation field and help the zoo animals animal welfare for animals in Medan zoo.

Best regards/cheers from me:
Rudianto.s(Founder/chairman NSAW)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Meeting with our Czech donnors

Here as an International project coordinator I would like to thank to mr. Ondrej Stos and mr. Vladimir Bok, who are our first Czech donnors. Finaly i can post pictures from dinner where they got their appreciation certificates from NSAW for their continuing support.

Tomas Ouhel
(International project coordinator)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

action Nsaw team help care phyton in medan zoo

hello in this blog we inform to you that on 24 april 2010 we make action again to help zoo keeper bathed phyton and when we make action also we explain to visitor(some of them are student)that we have to treated animal like our family,animals is our friend if we not disturb their life/habitat.
to make this action we also invited some television jurnalist so that we could make cooporate together to inform for all society that animal needed treated well everywhere.

here we inform to nsaw donor that whe we make action we spend Idr(Rp) 100.000 for it.

thank's and cheers
NSAW Team(Rudianto,Thomas Ouhel,Diana wright,Robert cambel,Sultan,Vina,Abner and Metta)