Tuesday, May 25, 2010

nsaw guided 2 tourist from czech repoblic

On 17 may 2010 NSAW team(chairman and International project coordinator)make effort to guided 2 tourist from Czech ,they are Mr Ivok and Mrs Catherine in some tourist object in north Sumatra.
We guided them in Medan(Medan zoo,snake farm,crocodile farm,Grand mosque,maimoon palace,slum people area,srimariaman temple,merdeka walk and traditional market),Bukit lawang (see orang utan in feeding place,tracking in jungle see some kind Flora and fauna and rafting)and in Brastagi/karonese highland(Climb Volcano,see traditional house,fruit/vegestable plantation and traditional market).
In this project nsaw make cooperation with Sarawak travel agency that the owner of Sarawak travel agency also as member of NSAW as international project coordinator.
And Here some of our salary from guided tourist we donated 150.000 rupiah to Nsaw bank account that needed for operate help animal welfare in our NGO’s(NSAW).
Here we special thanks to Mr Ivok and Mrs Catherine when make tour in north Sumatra with NSAW team that also many experience that we already have change in animal knowledge cause you also as vetenarry in your country.

Cheers and best regards From us
NSAW Team:Robert cambel,Rudianto s,Diana wright,Abner Tarigan,Metta,Thomas Ouhel,M.Sultan and Vinna

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Action help evacuation Japanese monkey(…..) and special Thank’s to 3 visitor of Medan zoo(gilang,dana and iqbal).

On Saturday(15 may 2010) we joint together with zoo keeper and vet zoo in medan zoo evacuated Japanese monkey from small cage into a new cage (rather big)..
We do this with happy …and hope the Japanese monkey(macaca fuscata) could enjoy their life in new cage in medan zoo.
And at unexpected time in medan zoo we(rudi,sultan and vina)met with zoo visitors who bring some nutrition food that they would like donated that food to primates in medan zoo.and also they joint with us help evacuation the Japanese monkey.they are still young but we really appreciate it much cause they have done the positive action in medan zoo hope some local people could follow their good goals.so in this blog NSAW team said thank’s so much to 3 of zoo visitor who donated some nutrition food to primates in medan zoo…you have done great action man….we proud and salute to you..
Name of the young people visitors who involved help evacuated the Japanese monkey are Iqbal,Dana and Gilang…
Also we said special thank’s to all of zoo keeper ,vet and other of medan zoo staff who help for evacuation the japanese monkey to a new cage iin medan zoo.

Cheers from NSAW team:
Rudianto.s,Mr Robert Cambel,Mrs Diana Wright ,Mr Thomas Ouhel,Abner Trg,Metta,M.Sultan and Vina

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

nsaw team action on 09 may 2010 in medan zoo

Hello when our international project coordinator in NSAW came I medan for 3 days(08 may until 10 may 2010)after make meeting and discus with all nsaw team/member to develope our ngo’s.
After that on 09 may 2010 in the 10.00 morning we start help animal in medan zoo with try to make fence/stand of barrier between animal and visitor in siamang cage,also we make enrichment in medan zoo.even the whether is very hot last time when we make this primate cage we are happy and with hard spirit to finished it.
To make this fence/stand of barrier we make it from simple material but the most importand are we make it for safety of animal from visitors disturbing and also to visitors from primate attacked.
When we make the fence/stand of barrier,enrichment in siamang cage also the head of medan zoo joint us,in this blog the head of medan zoo is the man who use brown uniform.
Here specially we said thank’s so much to the zoo management that already preaparing some things to finished this action.Also to all of Nsaw team/supporter(Thomas,Sultan,Vina and Fauzan)I said thank’s so much bro all of you have done great job to help animals..
And on 10 may 2010 morning nsaw team(rudianto,Thomas ouhel,M.Sultan and vina)come to head office in medan zoo to offer / ask for the development cooperation field and help the zoo animals animal welfare for animals in Medan zoo.

Best regards/cheers from me:
Rudianto.s(Founder/chairman NSAW)

Friday, May 7, 2010

Meeting with our Czech donnors

Here as an International project coordinator I would like to thank to mr. Ondrej Stos and mr. Vladimir Bok, who are our first Czech donnors. Finaly i can post pictures from dinner where they got their appreciation certificates from NSAW for their continuing support.

Tomas Ouhel
(International project coordinator)