Friday, July 26, 2013

NSAW International Coordinator and NSAW chairman helping make enrichment in Medan Zoo

On 22 July 2013 Mr Tomas Ouhel an International coodinator for NSAW and NSAW chairman Mr Rudianto.Sembiring make an action by donate some material for enrichment .After that they aking the primate keeper in helping to make enrichment in siamang cage, we just pure help to make enclosure or some enrichment inside and spend bugdet 7 USA Dollar or in Indonesia arround 70.000 rupiah we do it by 3 people (Rudi,Tomas and the siamang Keeper Mr Zuma) .We spend 2 hours to finished it. And Thanks so much To Mr Tomas Ouhel and Siamang keeper Mr Zuma who make the siamang feel happy gain for swing in the cage. Best Regards NSAW Team